Podcasts — Part 1

I think one of the greatest movements today in content is podcasts. For free, you can listen or watch experts (sometimes amateur, sometime professional) debate almost every aspect of their subject area. If there’s a topic you are interested in, there is almost certainly a podcast being done on that topic.

From Fly Fish Radio to one of my favorite shows on the subject of non-traditional board games called The Spiel. Podcasts are a great way to get good content at no cost.

If you haven’t tried out podcast consumption yet, I would check out http://www.podcast411.com/get_podcasts.html.

This will give you a great overview of how you can use software to download this content for you. You can also use the decidedly low-tech method of just checking out their site and downloading the links to the MP3s. I recommend this method when starting out, since you aren’t exactly sure which shows are for you.

As fair warning, there are a number of shows out there with decidedly weak commentary done by amateurs, but the wheat tends to seperate itself from the chaff rather quickly. The most popular podcasts are usually popular for a reason, so get out there and give it a try.

In future posts, I’ll talk about what to listen to these podcasts on for cheap and good podcasts for when you want to learn about something new.

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