Podcasts — Part 2

So you’ve searched around and found the content you want to listen to. Of course, you can listen to it on your computer, but there is something to be said for having something to carry around on the go. I’ve found a lot of lost time that I wasn’t able to use effectively to learn something new or be entertained.

A lot of people who are in this position are going to go with the obvious choice, the 800-pound gorilla of portable media devices, the iPod. For those of you using tech on the cheap (and that’s why you’re here, right?), I have a better solution that will offer a lot more than an iPod for a lot less.

Creative’s Zen Nano Plus

So, why this and not an iPod.

1. You are probably going to able to get this much cheaper than anything short of an iPOd Shuffle.

2. You get voice recording.

3. You get FM recording.

4. You get line-in recording.

This is all built-in. I admit this device isn’t perfect. The jog mechanism is functional, but sometimes it does cause a problem or skip to the next track at an inopportune time. This happens a lot less once you get used to it, though.

I really like the FM recording function, as it lets you get new content, and when the inevitable commercials come up, you can just fast forward through them.

I highly recommend this item, especially for a heavy podcast listener, who doesn’t mind rotating out content as needed.

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