Car Repairs

One of the great things about the internet is that it can point out areas that we are weak in and then helps improve them. One of those areas is automobiles. Living in New York, there isn’t as much of a need for a car, but we still have one. We recently went to have it inspected and had the nasty surprise of needing a break job.

We ended up paying about $175 for it, but I just didn’t know if we had gotten a fair rate. Along comes, if you give this website the basic info about your vehicle, what kind of work you are having done and where the repairs are made, it will give you a range that the repair should cost you.

No longer do you have to wonder if you got a decent rate if you know next to nothing about car repairs. One of the problems though is that you have to tell it what the problem is. If you buy the mechanic’s line about a repair you don’t need, this site won’t be much help, but at least you’ll know that the work he or she did do was priced fairly.

In our case, RepairPal told us it should have cost us between $140 and $210, so I feel pretty good about where we went. It is nice to have that added piece of mind that comes with being Techeap.

Thanks to Techcruch to turning me on to this and one of its competitors, Driverside. I didn’t really give Driverside a fair shake since I needed to register to use it, but if I any reason to doubt RepairPal, I may go and give it a try.

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