More Than Background Music

I’m not a huge music fan, which I know is rare. Almost everyone I know says they love music. I appreciate good music, but I’m not likely to listen to it in my free time. However, I’m hosting a housewarming party in a couple of weeks, which got me to thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to have some music playing in the background. Thankfully, my fiancée has a substantial music collection loaded into iTunes which has very good playlist functionality.

But what if you don’t own a lot of music, but would still like to have that background playlist?

I’ve found a website that works pretty well for me and has the functions that I like at However, it is not for everybody. It can insert ads randomly in your playlist. They are short, but you should consider that if you are going to use this. There are also a number of social feature that I haven’t really tapped into, but you might find useful.

There are a bunch of other music sites that have free music and other capabilities that you may like more.

As someone who believes in the value of intellectual property, it is important to keep in mind that these websites do compensate the writers and artists for their plays, so they generally do not allow downloads.

I’ll probably talk about place to get free (but probably not very popular as of yet) music on the web in a later entry.

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  1. […] New York Times had a great piece on free music. I’ve talked about a couple of the items in previous posts, but if missed any of those posts, or want more alternatives, you’ll want to check that […]

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