Printable Graph Paper

If you’ve been reading cnet’s Cheapskate blog, you may have seen the entry on printable graph paper, but you may have missed an item in the comments that is actually superior to their recommendation.

The basic idea of these sites is that if you need just a couple sheets of a particular type of paper, from graph paper, to musical notation paper, or specialty paper for accounting, you can simply print off the type of paper you need. Obviously, this isn’t a great solution if you are going to need a lot of this type of paper, because the ink costs you are going to pay will far outweigh the convenience of printing out reams of what you need. When you just need a few sheets, this is a great service for you.

Keep in mind there will be a link for the site at the bottom of the paper that you print, so once again, there is a bit of a ‘cost.’ You could always edit the PDF before printing if you need a clean sheet for whatever reason.

I will mention that the advantage of our link is that you’ll have control over the size of the squares and other characteristics of the page. Incompetech also has printable monthly and yearly calendars which can also be useful.

While this may not be something you need today, but this may just what you need when you least suspect it.

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