Track My Shipments

If you buy a lot of stuff online, you might be curious how far away your shipments are. With, all you have to do is forward a tracking number from your e-mail to their service and they’ll put your shipment on a map so you can follow your package’s progress. It is pretty fascinating, and with data provided by UPS, USPS or FedEx, you’ll know when your package has finally at your door.

While the service is solid, the best thing I can say about this company is they have really helpful customer service. My first effort to sign-up for the service ran into an issue in that I was not able to send e-mail from the account I had used to sign-up. I had pretty much given up on it and was going to use a different account, when I got an e-mail from the company. I hadn’t even asked for help, but they offered to fix the problem. I really appreciate that sort of effort from a new web service.

I will note that you are basically giving the company your mailing address or addresses by using this service, so you may want to consider that before joining.  I’m a big fan of this service though and hope it helps you.

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