Update to A Cautionary Tale

Well, I have good news and bad news about my friend who bought that laptop that came with Windows XP and didn’t fit her needs. The good news is that another person at Best Buy agreed to take the computer back with no restocking fee. This just goes to show you that sometimes dealing with other people can get you what you want. The bad news is that she had gotten a service to install a couple of security programs for her and that money she could not have refunded. The shocking thing to me was that this service was not transferrable. On top of that, the service charge was more than the money she would have lost if they had charged her the restocking fee.

So, if you have someone who can help you install these programs for you, it is probably worthwhile to do so. Sadly, this industry can be a lot like getting a car repaired. If you don’t understand what they are doing to your car, the mechanic can charge whatever he wants, and in this largely unregulated industry, that can cost you.

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