AT&T 3G Data

In case you haven’t heard yet, Apple’s new 3G iPhone is out. However, you may not realize how expensive owning this phone will be for you. First, the least expensive phone itself is $199. Then, you are locked into a 2-year contract in which you must buy unlimited data for $30 a month. Also, the least expensive voice plan is $39 a month. $69 a month times 24 months plus $199 for the phone equals a grand total of $1855. Ouch!

With all this hoopla over the new 3G iPhone, this tip seems especially timely.

While, you won’t be able to use this with the iPhone, (You wouldn’t need to use it, because you are already paying $30 a month for your data plan.) you can place this SIM card in a variety of smartphones and tap into this new high speed data network for just $20 a month. The real benefit of this technique though is that there is no contract. If you need to take a month off or just decide you don’t want to use it anymore, then you just stop using it. There are no cancellation fees or anything else.

I will say that this technique is pretty advanced, and I would recommend it for everybody. If you are looking for unlimited day and you aren’t afraid to switch out a SIM card every once in a while, then this may be exactly what you want.

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