Editing Other People’s Websites (Kind of)

I consider this more of a public service announcement more than an actually useful tool, but you should be aware how easy it is to mess around with code.

First, be aware that what you are doing only happens on your local machine, you aren’t actually editing the web page itself (i.e. other people going to that site won’t see it), but if you save the page on to your hard drive, you can have a very authentic looking copy of somebody else’s website to upload somewhere else, potential another live website that can take in data that people enter into the website.

I’m sure this is how some scammers build the fake Paypal sites that everyone gets spam links for every now and again.

More details on how this is actually done can be found here: http://www.blogstorm.co.uk/cut-and-paste-one-line-of-code-to-make-any-website-editable/

It actually can be a little bit of found to fool around with something like Google and put the picture on the bottom or some of the links on the top. There are actually other more legitimate uses as well, but they haven’t really occurred to me yet.

Anyway, check it out and if you come up with any cool edits of websites including this one, you can e-mail me at DONTUSETHECAPITALLETTERStecheap@techeap.com.

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