Slydial (Or When You Really Need Voicemail)

Have you ever been in that situation where you really have to not talk to somebody, but you really do need to leave them a message?

Then, this might be the service for you. If you call 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425), you’ll dial the number of a mobile phone, hear an ad and then get forwarded on to voicemail. What happens on the other end is interesting, at least according to my tests of the system. It seems that the call receiver will hear the phone ring once, it will stop ringing and then sometimes the phone will ring one more time. In any case, if the person tries to pick up they won’t get anything.

Another benefit is that the caller ID will pick up the number you are calling from, so the Slydial is undetectable if you don’t already know about how it works.

There are some drawbacks. The ads that you do here are kind of irritating and the ones that I heard are for those free ringtones of which I am very suspicious. If you are reader of this blog, you already know how to get your ringtones anyway. Also, this is not a toll-free call. There are no additional charges, and if already have free national calling, then it won’t make any difference. However, if you are calling from a standard phone, you will be charged for a called to Pennsylvania. It’s also too bad this won’t work with landline phones, but that is probably asking a lot technologically, since everyone has a different answering machine system.

That said, there are times when you’ll do ‘anything’ to get voice mail, and for those moments it’s good to know this is here.

Thanks to Techcrunch for the heads-up.

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