Viva Las Internet

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, then you know you get gouged on everything you buy there. Although, thankfully, there are places on the strip to buy bottled water at 2 for $1, so at least you won’t die of thirst if you try walking the strip.

I’ve just come back from a visit there and though I would give you some tips to be TeCheap. First off, buy any show ticket you want in advance on-line and bring your confirmation with you. You may think that you’ll get offers and coupons for better deals on the strip, and every once in a while you will but it is not worth the time and aggravation of getting those deals to have to deal with the last minute changes in plan. The other advantage is that you’ll be able to weight the benefits of coupon codes at sites like or other sites, to see if you can get the right line up of shows for you.

The main reason you want to do as much as possible in advance is that once you get to Las Vegas you will pay a heavy premium for Internet access. If you use the hotel kiosks, you can get charged as much as a dollar a minute and a dollar per printed page. That’s a pricy connection, so you have a few options. If you brought your computer with you, there is free access at the airport, so that’s where you’ll want to do most of you work. If you didn’t, there are Internet cafes along the strip that you can go to that will cost you less. It is a bit of a trick to find those, but it can be done. I don’t know of any of the strip hotels that will provide free internet, but many of them do offer it for a daily fee, depending on how much you need it, it may be worthwhile just to pick it up and avoid the inflated rates elsewhere.

If you are a Vegas veteran and have any other tips, be sure to post them in the comments.

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