Amazon and Price Guarantees

I was getting ready to write an entry about an interesting website that will automatically track items you’ve purchased on Amazon for price drops. Since Amazon had a long standing policy of offering customers a “Post-Order Price Guarantee” within 30 days of purchasing an item, this would be a great way to automate the process. That site by the way is, however the bad news is that according to a couple of reports and an apparently updated Amazon pricing page, that offer has now ended.

This has raised the ire of some Amazon purchases and has even led to a petition to try to get Amazon to reinstate the program.

There are also a number of threads on discussing the change.

I’ll try and keep you up to date if there are any further updates on this story.

2 Responses to Amazon and Price Guarantees

  1. amazanian says:

    Another useful website that allows you to search for Amazon Prime items:

  2. jdubbleu2020 says:

    Price Protectr tracks prices before and after buying, and has announced a new service offering a guarantee to its users.

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