Drop the Remote, Pick Up the Mouse

I’ve talked previously about the large amount of great online video on the web, but I have found a couple of other great places to fine network and cable quality content (whatever you think that might be) on the web.

The first is Gizmodo‘s great summary of this season’s network content online. Each network is listed with a series of links to where you can watch each show. Most of the networks are hosting their own content with Hulu providing coverage for a couple of them. I’ve seen a few summaries that try to duplicate this sort of line-up, but I like the simplicity in how it is organized.

Now these sites are all obviously sponsored by the networks and will show ads at various times during the program. I would call these clearly legal.

However, the networks do not offer all of their programs online, and some of the shows that are offered only have the current season, or worse the current episode available. What’s a TV addict to do?

Well, there are alternatives out there for when you have to see the first season of Battlestar Galactica. Project Free TV links to a wide variety of shows and back episodes that are hosted on a number of free video sites throughout the Internet, like Veoh or Megavideo. While the legality of this is certainly in question for the sites that host the content, I would be hard-pressed to believe anyone would prosecute a viewer of this material online. Although, anything is possible in this litigious age. One thing to keep in mind when using these services is that there will sometimes be some pop-up ads for things that are not safe for work, so that’s something to keep in mind.

One other possibility on firmer legal ground is Streamick, which is a service that streams of variety of channels over the Internet. While I hit a number of streams that didn’t work, or that were audio only, it was impressive to see the variety of material that was available. This should be on pretty solid legal ground, since all the content along with the ads is being streamed, but I’m not a lawyer so proceed with caution.

With all this content, there’s no reason to bored on the internet again, that is, as long as you have a connection and enough bandwidth to handle it.

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