Quick Hit Links

I have a few different cool links I want to share with you, but I don’t have a lot to say about each, so here’s what I’ve got for you today.

This is a great link if you are trying to figure out exactly what street numbers are in the area for a particular part of town. It basically takes Google Maps and will create a bubble where you click and tell you the street address for that area.

This site lets you check a variety of services to see if your username is still available. You can use this for a variety of things. The first is that if you have a pretty obscure username, this can help you remember if you’ve created an account at a particular site. If your name might have been used by somebody else, this will tell you what sites you can still subscribe to with your preferred name. You can also use it to check out somebody else’s digital life, if you know their username, which can lead to interesting info about whomever you are checking on.

Finally, Techcrunch has something that can work with my last post about backing things up. Docstoc is a service where you can up load documents and then embed them as a Flash element into your page or blog. As they point out, this isn’t a new service by any stretch, but it is a very cool technique that I will keep in mind if the opportunity comes up to post something here. Docstoc will also store your document, so it will be available for you very easily off site.

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