Make Some Money with Your Pictures

You may not realize it, (I know I didn’t) but there is a market for your photos…potentially.

Obviously, your photos need to look good. They need to be clear and have some quality to them, but who is actually going to buy these photos?

Sitepoint has a very good article on the impressive number of agencies that buy stock photos. What are stock photos, you ask? Stock photos are often what are used in advertising, sales reports and trade publications. These organizations come to websites like these, buy your photos and the website will give you a portion of the money.

It is interesting to notice the large difference between what each agency pays. Some groups pay up to 99% for your photos while others will only give you a few cents on the dollar. It pays to know who pays what and what some of the most popular sites are.

It is also worth mentioning that once you start selling photos for money, things can get a little complicated. Anybody who is photographed technically becomes a model and you’ll need to get a release form from them. Also, you need to be careful of where you take pictures. There are places where taking pictures that you are planning to sell is not allowed, so be very careful of the restrictions in your area.

Many of these sites also have a very good section for beginners to learn what sort of pictures that particular agency is looking for, but if you are looking for a more broad overview, you can check out this summary which has some pretty good information as well.

In this economy, any way to pick up a few extra bucks is appreciated, so good luck and good photos.

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