‘Tis the Season

Even in these tough economic times, where people are cutting back, it is the season for holiday shopping.

Since you’ll be cutting back, but still want to get the best value for your buck here are some of the places that I frequent to get the best deals possible.

The first is http://www.slickdeals.net this site is a little bare-bones in that you just get a list of items that are on sale, but the advantage is that the items here are significantly on-sale. Discounts of over 60% are very common and sometimes you’ll see even better deals. This one I check almost every day.

My next tip is http://dodtracker.com/deals/. This site will track all of those “Deal of the Day” sites like Woot.com and others that only offer one item at a time, usually at a significant discount. Here you’ll find a lot of electronics and then some other very obscure or strange items like a USB foot warmer.

http://shoppingnotes.com/ is an interesting idea, but I haven’t had a lot of luck with yet. The basic idea is that you enter a page on Amazon or other shopping site for it to track. You also give them your e-mail so they can send you alerts when the price goes down. It is a great concept, but I haven’t actually had any luck with it yet. We’ll see how it develops.

For more great shopping sites, that I haven’t gotten the chance to try yet, check out this Lifehacker article.

Happy holidays and keep it Techeap.

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