It’s the Web! On Your E-Mail!

There was an interesting discussion on Slashdot (which is an excellent news site, if you are interested in science and technology) on ways to make best use of the Internet if you have extremely limited access while sailing the high seas.

It was a very interesting problem with a variety of possible solutions including using satellite Internet and hitting various Internet cafes while in port. I think the best and most interesting solution was a suggestion to simply have web pages e-mailed to you to read at your leisure with out Internet access.

This is a great solution if you need information like Wikipedia pages or you just wanted to digest the latest news happenings. If you are on dial-up or on a smart phone with expensive cell data plan, but you need some sort of information on a web page, this might be just the ticket.

I came upon this site that has a variety of pages that claim to offer this service, however, I was not able to get a couple of them to work.

The one that did work, however, was listed in the middle, and I’ll quote from it.

You retrieve web pages by sending an email request to the site, where the page “” is used as an example and you can substitute the page you actually wish to retrieve.

  • Send an email to with a message of www to get instructions. Get a web page by sending an email to, with a two line message of:

I got a pretty quick response when I used this blog as the query, and I suspect any heavily text site would work well too. Since the server traffic is pretty low, I wouldn’t worry about using this site for whatever you are trying to do, even thought there is a warning to only use it for research purposes.

So if you only have access to e-mail and you want to hit the web. This might be just the ticket for you.

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