Innovations and Stagnations of Youtube

I decided I wanted to talk about some new interesting uses of YouTube after I had found a couple of things on the web.

If you remember back to my last discussion of a cool technological advance in YouTube, speech to text in videos, I thought that would be a technology that would really take off. Sadly, it hasn’t. As you can see on the discussion board for the “Gaudi” technology, it seems to pretty much have been abandoned. Given the current economic situation, this isn’t a shocking realization, but I thought this might be a potential revenue generating engine for them.

In any case, this isn’t really a post about the gloomy state of YouTube’s owners, Google. This is about the creative ways a couple have folks are using YouTube in an interactive way.

First, Gamebrood, which was not a blog I was familiar with prior to finding this item, has a link to a YouTube version of Street Fighter, the 2D-Brawler that originally debuted in arcades in 1991. Admittedly, it is a very crude version of the game. You can only choose from four attacks and only when a scripted opportunity comes up. At that point, you click one of the on-screen buttons and a new movie starts to play with the result. It is kind of fun diversion for a few minutes, but the most interesting thing about it (besides the astounding amount of work it must have taken to produce such a thing) is the potential interactivity of a design like that.

Combined with the next interesting movie that I saw created by TanyaTko, some very powerful effects could be created. What her video does is, it automatically pauses the video while a short clock ticks down in the upper left hand corner, after the clock has finished the video resumes. Thanks to BozarthZone’s blog for pointing that one out.

While I’m not totally sold on these specific implementation of these function, just knowing that they are available for creative people to use could lead to some great thing in YouTube’s future.

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