I Fought the Cable Company and I Won

It isn’t often that you have much luck fighting against a corporation trying to get money off of your bill, but in these times of economic hardship, your chances are better than ever.

I use my own personal example as a case in point. Before things had gone badly in the economy, I had gotten Cablevision’s (that’s the cable monopoly in my area of  Brooklyn) “Triple Play” offering. Since I was getting both phone, Internet and TV video from them I was paying around $110 a month after taxes and fees. Things were going fine until their “promotional offer” expired and they let me know they would be jacking up the rate to something like $150 a month.

In response, I decided that I would be eliminating the TV video service and that I might take the phone off at a later date. As I canceled that service, they made some fairly pathetic offers to keep me in the fold, but I wanted the current rate I was paying and wasn’t going to accept any less than that. In any case, they did eventually let me cancel, and I went without TV video service for a little more than a month. At this point, it was costing me about $90 a month.

Then, one day my wife gets a call from out of the blue saying that they are willing to give us a rate better than our old one at $100 a month after taxes. My wife accepted, and now we are back with the “Triple Play.”

I inform you of this to let you know that there is hope if you play hardball with the cable company in these tough economic times. You may even be able to find someone to negotiate with before you have to cut off your service like I did.

I’ll leave at that for now and encourage you to comment on success you’ve had in dealing with tech companies in saving on your bills.

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