A Bald Woman Yells at a Broken Flute!?

My entries have been a little serious lately, so I wanted to let you know about a neat little game site that I’ve recently been having a blast using.

It’s BrokenPictureTelephone.com. The basic idea is so simple that it is completely brilliant. You may remember the party game telephone where someone starts with a sentence and whispers  it to the person next to them. The person that heard it whispers it to the next person and so on around the room. The last person says what was told to him and then it is compared with the original sentence and much hilarity ensues.

Well, that game has now been taken on to the internet in picture form. This works by having someone start with a sentence or phrase of words. The next person then draws a picture using some basic drawing tools on their screen. The next person than has to describe in words what they see. This pattern repeats and hilarity ensues.

In one of my recent games, I had to draw the title of this post and given my lack of artistic skill I think I did a pretty nice job. The person after me wrote “Girl in brown dress shouting at flying pickles.” That’s not bad given the absurdity of what I was asked to draw.

As of yet though, I haven’t received much credit for my drawing. The scoring system is a little obtuse, and I suspect that it is still in development, but users can award points to other drawers based on a  variety of categories based on famous artists. For example, there is a Picasso rating for abstract drawings and a DaVinci rating for extreme exactness. It’s all in fun, but my one criticism of the site is this scoring system.

However, the real point in the site is to have fun laughing at other people’s drawings and wild interpretations of them, and for that it is really top notch. I recommend you check them out and draw a couple of things yourself.

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