I am A Tech Blogger, AMA

For those unfamiliar, AMA stands for ask me anything. While looking around for an interesting topic to talk about this week, I came across something that I visit periodically but hadn’t really thought of as a good resource.

You’ll find it on Reddit.com (pronounced like read it) and it is called “IAmA.” The interesting thing about it is that people from all walks of life come on this community and answer questions about their lives. Right now, people are asking questions to a K-Street Washington lawyer, an ex-Mennonite, and a guard for Iraqi detainees.

There are a number of fascinating conversations, and if you want to sign up for an account you can also ask your own questions. Reddit also works with a ‘karma’ points system, so that people can vote up conversations that are interesting and vote down conversation that are juvenile or spam. This system really seems to improve the conversation and get interesting topics to the top of the lists.

Some responders respond more quickly than other and some conversations have been proven to be false, but a good majority of the content is accurate and very interesting.

One word of warning though is that it can definitely be a big time sink. Sometimes you can get involved in threads of conversation and realize the you’ve been reading about other people’s lives for an hour.

If you are willing to take that risk, however, it is definitely an interesting place to check and learn about your fellow humans.

Any questions? AMA in the comments.

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