All Work and No Play Makes Techeap a Dull Blog

It would have been nice if I had been able to write about the new Windows  7 release and share my views on it. However, I never got the release candidate and it is no longer available. If you are using it, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Since I can’t write about that, I will write about some interesting gaming websites I’ve come across.

The first is actually for “optical productivity,” that is looking like you are being productive. At Can’t you see I’m busy! You get a series of games that actually look like they are business documents. There is a block-busting game that looks like a word document, a game where you are flying a rocket between two line graphs and a game like Super Collapse, where you click on groups of the same color in bar graphs. They are pretty basic games, but they do look pretty convincing office suite software.

The next site that I found was Jeopardy Labs. This would probably be most useful in an educational environment, but you could probably fine a use for it at a party. Basically, you enter a series of answers and question on to a Jeopardy board, and then you can use the website to run the game. A player choose a category and dollar amount, you click on the question and ask it. Then you apply the points for correct and incorrect answers. The important thing that confused me is that you have to do the scoring in the page for the question. Otherwise, the question won’t be taken off the board. The about page explains using the site well if you have any questions.

The final site that I’ll mention is This site combines a music site with a quest system. This is very similar to achievements if you’ve seen or played an Xbox 360. The way it works is that you get bonuses for performing certain activities (usually for listening for certain types of songs) on the site. These bonuses give you extra votes (or hearts) to denote the songs that  you like and have them move up the charts. It’s a very interesting system and can be kind of gratifying when you complete a little quest. If you want to sign up for the site, you should use my name (zargonddg) as a referer. (It’s one of the quests. 🙂 )

Have any cool games or relaxation site that you want to let others know about?

Add them in the comments.

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