Making Your Haiti Donation Count

In a previous entry, I talked about ways to donate in a Techeap way. As the operations in Haiti continue, I though it would be worthwhile to touch upon some topics that I discussed there and add a few more tricks.

My best suggestion remains at This site has added a whole new section of ways that you can have your donation matched by a variety of corporations around the country. They’ve added a number of ways to get a matching donation to Haiti relief, so I recommend you check that out.

Another major trend that is new to this particular disaster is the use of text messaging to donate. Generally, this works by texting a particular word to a telephone number and the aid organization charging your cell phone provider. This donation will then appear on your phone bill.

The problem that I have with this method of donation is that it takes a long time for your chosen charity to get the money that has been donated. For this crisis, as the Wall Street Journal reported, the major cell phone carriers each elected to advance at least some money before the bill is actually paid. Normally, however, this is not the case and that is something I consider to be a major drawback in this method of donation.

With that said, if a text message is so convenient for you that it is the only way that you are going to donate, then the drawbacks may be worthwhile.

The last item I’ll mention is that there are a wide variety of kickbacks for donations to Haiti out there. From role-playing game PDFs to recordings of the Hope for Haiti telecast to Miami Heat tickets, lots of organization are offering kickbacks for your donation. If that makes your donation meaningful to you, I encourage you to take advantage of those offers.

In these economic times, giving your money away can be very difficult, but if you can afford to do it, there are a lot of people who can use the help right now.

Any other great offers to those who help Haiti? Let me know in the comments.

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