More Than a Season to Buy

November 28, 2009

After making many Black Friday gift purchases and admittedly, an item or two for myself, I thought that today might be a good day to talk about  doing some maintenance on the karmic scales. That is to think of those less fortunate, who are not able to enjoy the benefits of the holiday season.

In the Techeap way,  it is important to get the most for your donated dollar, and I have some ideas to do just that.

The first is This is a site that finds out about businesses that are offering matching donations to various charities. In this way, the charity of your choosing is getting double the bang for your buck. There is, however, a limited number of charities available on the site, and some of them require a purchase from an online store before hand. The good of a double donation, however, will probably equal out buying a 5 ft. ethernet cord.

Another good option is This site is set up to allow teachers to announce a specific need they have for their classrooms. People then donate money to the classroom or project they like and the classroom shows pictures of the items in use. Some of this site’s projects are also getting matching donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

Finally, if you are not able to donate money, and in these economic times, that wouldn’t be surprising. There are always volunteer opportunities that you can participate in. One site of the many that are out there to help find places to volunteer is The thing I like most about this site is how easy it is to find opportunities close to your physical location. In this way, you can save yourself the time and aggravation of traveling a great distance to donate your time.

Do you have any tips for getting that extra value out of your donations? Let me know in the comments.